Learning the lifestyle,( a small add-in part.)

As she was thinking on this, Reed had begun to lick her and finally with Michael in her mind, she gave into the feelings that Reed’s tongue was invoking.

Reed knew that Neil was a sore point with her, but he just didn’t care. She picked that loser not him. He had never asked her to sleep with him. Thinking back, he should have known she was a tramp, she jumped Neil the first chance she got and now she hooked up with another just like him from the sounds of it. Oh well I guess, he thought to himself, she was not his anymore as she put it. Just get a little piece of the slut and get on with life. He only came up here to visit her because he had leave time and nothing to do for a week and ever since the time he called her and a man had answered, he was curious to find out what was going on. Now he knew. He wondered if she would tell the prick that she slept with him, probably not.

Reed kept licking her through two orgasms and when she was coming down from the second one, he slid up her body and entered her a little too roughly. She flinched because of the pain, Michael was rough, but not like this. Reed began to thrust into her and she grabbed his shoulders and sunk her nails into him. He jerked his head up and glared at her.

“It’s like that, is it?” He asked and brought his mouth down to her breast and grabbed her nipple in his teeth, biting down.

This made her explode much to his surprise and she hissed, “Yes that’s how it is,” and drug her nails down his back to his buttocks, leaving a trail of scratches in her wake.

“Bitch,” he hissed around her nipple. “They better not bleed.”

In response, she gave him a snotty look and grabbed his sides with her nails. She put pressure and gave him a snotty smile.

“You think so, I can give you much more that you can handle, you little slut,” he told her and then grabbed her legs and pinned them above her head so that each of his thrusts was hitting bottom. He then began to slam into very hard.

She laughed to herself, Michael was much bigger than Reed, so she was used to the deep thrusts. She had come to like the deep thrusts. Reed was not hurting her in the least bit, but hell, she let him believe and so she dug her nails in to his shoulders again.

He thought she would cry out and so he was surprised when she seemed to bare it. She even dug her nails into him again. Then slut exploded again and he knew she wasn’t in pain at all. Reed decided not to stop though because he was enjoying it. He would keep this up until she begged him to stop then he thought he might take her anally, for now he’d taunt her a little.
“Doesn’t feel good to cum without asking,” he taunted?

“Yes,” she answered. She wanted to say that she didn’t always have to ask, but that might mess up Michael’s plan.

“Are you enjoying this?”

“Yes, why?” She asked.

“So you really like it rough? I think I give it to you rough in your ass next then. What do you say to that?” He sneered.

She smiled to herself, hearing the front door opening and told him, “If you really want to.”

He slammed it in her and thought about just how tight her ass was and then asked, “You really want it that way?”

“What way it that Silk,” Stacie asked as she came around the bed. “I like it most anyway. Who is this delectable male, Silk?” She sank to her knees beside their heads and smiled at Reed.

Reed stopped dead in his tracks and turned slightly to see the door. There was another female standing there. “Who are they? More of your slut friends, Silk,” he asked starting to get up.

“Don’t get up on our account, honey,” Cyndee said in a sassy tone “Just keep on fucking, we do like to watch.”

With a laugh, Silk said, “These are my slave sisters. They probable came over to take me to breakfast,” she looked up at Stacie and winked. “We do that on the weekends, our Master likes us to be friends.”

“Do you think we could sample him too Silk?” Stacie asked as she begun to remove her shirt while taking a seat in the window seat next to the bed. She then pulled up her skirt and began to touch herself. She wore no panties.

Reed thought to himself, why not. Three sluts who wanted to play, sure, why not. “Okay ladies, you talked me into it,” he told them.

Over his shoulder, Silk saw Michael enter the room. She saw what looked like a look of hurt cross his face briefly and then he smiled at her and winked. She smiled back. She then looked at Cyndee, who was undressing also. Cyndee then came around the bed and began to kiss Reed who lifted up off her chest, letting go of her legs. She saw Michael approaching the bed and tensed for Reed’s reaction.

“So you like my slaves liar? Want to fuck em’ do you?” Michael asked as he sat down on the window seat and pulled Stacie over his lap.

“What the hell is going on,” Reed said, pulling away from Cyndee but remaining on top of Silk. He would not give the prick that satisfaction. Let the prick watch just as he had made him watch earlier.

“I thought we could all party together. I have three slaves and you seem to be hard up, so I thought an orgy was a perfect idea,” Michael told him as he swatted Stacie’s behind making it turn red immediately.

“And why, pray tell, would I need your hand outs? I already have this one. She practically raped me the moment you were gone. Begged me for normal sex. I think she likes cumming without all the games.”

“You think so huh?” He said to Reed in a cold voice, and then to Silk, he ordered, “Silk did he cum yet?”

“Once, in my mouth. I sucked him to prolong the sex Master,” she answered obediently.

“Did you swallow?”

“Yes Master,” came another response.

“And how many times if any, did the liar make you cum?” He asked of her while giving Reed a triumphant look.

“More times than you gave her this morning,” said Reed interrupting her.

“Twice from oral, once from biting my nipple and once from regular sex,” she answered anyway.

“Wow, impressive liar. I am really impressed. She cums like crazy when allowed a free rein, doesn’t she though? Wettest slave I have ever seen,” Michael told him.

“Want to watch her enjoy a real man? I won’t have to beat her to achieve it either,” Reed, taunted him.

Silk saw Michael’s jaw tense and he pushed Stacie from his lap as he stood up. He was not into beating women as Reed was insinuating. Michael hated guys like that.

With gritted teeth he barked to Cyndee with his hand out, “Crop, slave,” and then to Reed, “If you think you can, prove it. Make her enjoy it like a normal.” Cyndee handed him the crop and he knelt next to the bed by their heads. “Go for it liar.”

Reed grabbed her legs up again and began to thrust into her. She glance up to Michael and Reed said, “No, look at me,” so she met his eyes after Michael gave her an approving nod.

“You don’t have my permission to let go Silk,” Michael said in a low voice next to her ear that Silk knew all to well. The voice meant he was pissed and in total control. He was very hard on her and her sister slaves when in this mood. They usually ended up slightly bruised during these moods.

“Yeah right, we’ll see about that,” Reed responded and kissed her mouth deeply. She always lost it when they kissed like that.

After about ten minutes, Reed was fed up and after another five, he gave in, “Okay you win. Let her cum now. I’ll play your games,” Reed conceded.

With no change in the look on his face, Michael stood up, “Lift up off her chest and press into her deeply.” He told Reed who did as he ordered. “Okay hold still and grab her hands, hold them tightly so she can’t scratch you.” Then to her, “Silk look at me.”

She did as instructed.

“Watch and learn Reed. This is the difference between me and Neil,” and with that Michael brought the crop down across her breasts.

Reed felt the reaction in her pussy. She gripped him tightly and he could swear she got wetter.

Michael hit her breasts again, not hard, but with enough pressure that she felt the sting. “Cum slave,” he ordered.

With one more swipe of the crop, she did as ordered. As she let go she moaned loudly in pleasure and struggled with Reed for her hands. She wanted to scratch his legs, but Reed held her firm. Finally she came down off the high her orgasm had produced and found everyone watching her. Her eyes flew to Michaels and found reassurance in his gaze.

When she came, Reed thought a volcano had went off. She began to milk him and he thought he would lose it for a moment. Finally the feeling subsided and Reed was impressed.

“Damn, that was wild. How did you do that?” Reed asked Michael.

“That was the difference between beating a women and controlling one. I control everything about my slaves including their orgasms. That’s why I am their Master,” Michael told him smugly.

“I think I am beginning to see,” Reed said in a defeated tone. “What did you have in mind for this orgy of yours,” Reed then asked.

“Well,” said Michael in a devilish tone, “Since you already have her ready, how about you flip over on your back and we’ll both take her and then the other two in turn.”

“Can she handle that?” Reed asked, not believing she could. Wow, she had become experienced.

“Flip her and find out,” was Michael’s only reply.

Reed did as he said, once on his back the little redhead came and offered him her little red muff. Reed wondered at the hair as he helped her settle over his face and started licking her. Silk had set up and was rubbing her middle against Reed and kissing Stacie.

Michael went around the bed and opened the bedside table for the anal lube he kept in the drawer. He squirted a large amount on his finger and then turned and climbed up on the bed behind Silk and Reed. Once there, he grabbed hair and pulled her back for a kiss. He shoved his tongue down her throat and when she kissed him back, he shoved his finger up her ass. At this she gave a low moan and pressed herself onto Reed deeper. Next he broke the kiss and shoved her forward onto Reed’s chest. She ducked to the side as to not knock into her slave sister. Michael again smiled with pride at how well trained she was.

“Ready, little one,” He asked her.

“Yes Master,” she begged. Her body shook with anticipation.

Michael shoved a few inches into her and felt her quiver with excitement. He noticed she was holding her breath. That was a no-no, but under the circumstances he understood and let her go till he had entered her all the way. Finally he hissed in her ear, “Breathe slave.”

Realizing she was holding it, she sucked in a breath and said, “Sorry Master, it was so intense I forgot.”

Once settled, Michael said, “Are you ready Reed?”

“Yes,” came a muffled reply from Reed.

Silk arched her body up to Michael as he had taught her to do when they played liked this. He liked to talk to her and have her talk back. She looked back into his eyes and he smiled at her as he began to thrust in and out of her asshole.

“Feel alright, slave?” He asked her after a few strokes.

“Yes Master. It feels wonderful.”

“Good, are you close yet?”

She wondered if he would hold her back from cumming. She didn’t know if she could hold off like this. “Not just yet, I can feel it building though,” she told him.

“Let me know when,” he told her and increased the pace of his thrusts. To Reed he called, “How’s it feel Reed?”

“Great, just prefect. It tastes wonderful too,” Reed laughed.

“Only the best man, only the best,” Michael gloated.

Michael’s thrusts were beginning to cause a reaction in Silk. She knew she could cum just from him but with Reed in her also, it was an added bonus, a bonus that was bringing her close rapidly. Finally she looked back at Michael.

“Now Master.” was all she asked?

Michael leaned down to her ear and hissed, “Now, little one.”

As she let go, Michael whispered to her, “I love you Silk.”

Reed was impressed when he felt her cum. It felt like someone turned on a vibrator and a hose inside her. He pushed the redhead off his face and grabbed on to Silk’s breasts and started milking them to help intensify her orgasm. She really got off on that in the past and now Reed wanted to help her get as much out of this a possible.

Finally the feelings subsided and Silk slumped down on Reed’s chest. Michael knew she had reached her limit for a while and pulled out of her. Next her pulled her off of Reed and laid her next them on the bed. He kissed her and whispered in her ear that she had done well. She smiled weakly back at him.

Michael then swatted Cyndee on the ass, “Mount up slave.”

With a yelp of glee and a yes Master, Cyndee mounted Reed. She leaned forward for Michael to enter her from behind. As Michael shoved into her, she sighed with pleasure.

Reed laughed at the blond’s eagerness. She was a hot little number and almost as wet as Silk had been when they started. When Michael entered her, Reed felt her squeeze him like a vice.

“Shit that’s tight. How do you do it Michael?” Reed asked of him.

“They do exercises to keep tight,” Michael told his as he began thrusting in and out of Cyndee.

As Silk watched the whole thing, Stacie climbed up next to Silk and pulled her into her lap to stroke her back to calm her down as Master Michael often did. She knew that Silk’s orgasms were extremely intense and after about 4 or 5 of them, she was spent for a while. Stacie usually took care of her at times like this. Stacie really loved her slave sister.

Silk liked it when Stacie took care of her. She liked Cyndee too, but she really felt close to Stacie. After a bit, Silk was feeling back to normal and began to stroke Stacie’s body and prep her for her turn with Reed and Michael. Stacie like Silk had a really tight asshole so she needed lube where Cyndee never did. Silk sat up and grabbed the lube that Michael had left on the bedside table and applied a generous amount to her finger. Next she coated Stacie’s asshole and inserted her finger. Finally she felt Stacie loosen up and knew she was ready for her turn.

Reed watched Silk and the redhead cuddle and play with each other. As they played, his attention was again drawn to the hair between the redhead’s legs. Hadn’t Silk said that Michael liked them shaved? While she was well trimmed, she was far from shaved. He just had to ask, “Hey Michael, Silk said you liked your err,” he had trouble with the word slave, “women shaved, but that red haired one has bush. May I ask why?”

“I allow her to kept it because it is very sexy. Red hair makes a sexy bush, looks very sluty too. I make her keep it trimmed short because it pleases me to see it, but sometimes I make her shave it all the way off. Just depends on my mood. The other two are made to keep it fully shaved as black is all too common,” he informed Reed, “And Reed, they are slaves. You can call them that too, I allow it,” he added with a laugh.

Ignoring Michael’s last remark, he looking back at the redhead’s bush and agreed, “I see what you mean. It does give off a slut look.”

Michael had been slowing thrusting into Cyndee waiting for her to build. Cyndee took longer than the other two to explode. It made for some interesting fun in a slave, but sometimes he liked Silk’s tendency to let go so easily. Finally he could tell that Cyndee was getting close. She started moaning and whimpering.

“Are you close, slave,” he asked her?

“Almost there, Master,” she moaned, “May I cum when I get there?”

“Yes you may, but be sure to not bite,” he told her.She had a bad habit of biting.

After about five more minutes, she dropped her head and arched her back in the way that signaled Michael that she was going to explode. Michael noted to himself as he had on many other occasions, each slave had a tell tail sign that told him that they were close. With Silk it was her panting, quivering, and the look in her eyes. They would cloud over so to speak, and when she came, she would moan loudly. With Stacie, she would breathe really heavy and her eyes would roll back in her head and then when she let go, she would squeal. Lastly, Cyndee, who arched her back and dropped her head and then when she let go she would bite and scream.

Cyndee was having a good time, she really like Silk’s ex boyfriend. He was so cute and even though he was not into the lifestyle, Cyndee would like to spend some time with him. Maybe Master Michael would let her and Stacie stay the night with him. She finally she felt her orgasm come on and leaned back and gave Master the signal that she was about to cum. He reached up and grabbed her throat, applying a little pressure. This seemed to help her cum better and also helped her not to bite.

Reed felt her cum but it was not as intense as Silk’s had been. Reed knew he would last till all the girls were done as long as they didn’t cum like Silk. As Cyndee came, he saw Michael grab her throat, so, she liked breath play. Reed knew a little about that. He dated a girl off the base who liked that. He helped her orgasm just as he has Silks by milking her breasts. He liked her tits. They were so perky, must be fake, he thought to himself.

Finally she was finished and Michael pulled out of her as she lay to the side and rolled off Reed and into Silk’s lap. Stacie was looking rather eager so Michael teased, “You sure you want this, slave?

“Yes please Master,” Stacie begged, “I want it bad.”

“Bad enough to clean your slave sister’s mess off of Reed before you start?” he asked? He really liked it when slaves licked the juices from each other off of the cock they were riding. Turned him on even more when it was his cock, so he was sure Reed would get a kick out it.

“Yes Master,” she moaned. Stacie was so turned on from watching and Silk playing with her ass that she would have done anything Master suggested. She began to lick Reed all over his crotch and then finally attacked his cock. Once it was clean, she sat back on her heels and looked again at Michael.

“Now may I have a ride, Master, please?”

“Mount up, slave,” he told her

Reed was going out of his mind by this time. Not only was he having sex with three women but also she had just blown him like he never felt before. He almost lost it when she attacked him; thank god she stopped. Now she was mounting him. Damn she was tight too. Lucky bastard.

She mounted Reed and Michael took the opportunity to give Silk another kiss. He liked kissing her, but he did this just to flaunt it in Reed’s face. Once Stacie was settled, he used his finger to be sure she was ready and once he was sure, he entered her slowly.

(This is not finished as of yet so keep checking back for it's updates. I can only write so much before I run out of steam. Thanks)


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Learning the lifestyle,( a small add-in part.)